Pure Marine Collagen Lemon with 1 Omega-3 Test 6 mth Subscription

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Pure Arctic Oil Lemon

Pure Omega-3 oil from 100% Arctic wild fish with cold-pressed, high quality organic olive oil and vitamin D3 – and an added fresh lemon flavour

Results show that nearly all who have used Pure Arctic Oil for at least 120 days have achieved an improved fatty acid balance. Pure Arctic Oil contains pure omega-3 oil from cod, fished from the nutritious, Arctic waters off the Norwegian coast.

  • Contains no other added fish oils or synthetic additives;
  • A balanced oil for an optimal ratio between the amount of omega-6 and omega-3;
  • Good for the cardiovascular system, brain, vision, immune system and muscles;
  • Contributes to normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol, calcium and triglyceride levels in the blood;
  • The fish oil is MSC and CoC certified, and originates from Norwegian sustainable fishing industry;
  • Added polyphenols from a cold-pressed, high-quality organic olive oil, vitamin D3 and a fresh lemon flavour;
  • 100% natural.

Marine Collagen Premium+

A high-end, premium quality, hydrolyzed marine collagen product with a unique formula that originates from traceable and sustainable Arctic wild fish with a fresh lemon flavour

Marine Collagen Premium+ contains a unique blend of ingredients to help boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and to maintain a healthy immune system.

  • Can improve skin elasticity, make nails stronger and improve hair growth.
  • Is absorbed 1,5 times more efficiently than other types of collagen into the body.
  • Higher levels of Vitamin C to optimize the production of collagen.
  • MSC-certified and manufactured in Norway.
  • Easily dissolvable in both hot and cold drinks.
  • 100% natural.

Did you know? Eqology is committed to being eco-friendly and sustainability is at the forefront of our focus. The measuring spoons for Marine Collagen Premium+ are made from sugarcane and are 100% biodegradable.

Recommended daily dosage is 2 spoons (6 grams/10 ml) of Marine Collagen Premium+.

NOTE: This is a 6-month binding subscription. We recommend a double dosage of Pure Arctic Oil during the first month. Therefore, in the 1st month you will receive 1x Marine Collagen Premium+ and 2x Pure Arctic Oil. Starting from the 2nd month you will continue to receive 1x Marine Collagen Premium+ and 1x Pure Arctic Oil for only 89 EUR. If the subscription is not terminated before month 6, it will continue as a monthly auto-order. This 6 mth. subscription contains 1 Omega-3 Test (delivered with your 5th subscription month). Your results can be securely accessed on omegaratiotest.com/en after 25 – 30 business days.

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Pure Arctic Oil Lemon

Fish Oil (EPA and DHA), Cold-Pressed Organic Olive Oil, Flavour (Natural Lemon), Vitamin D3, Antioxidant Mix: Natural Rosemary extract, Vitamin E (Tocopherol rich extract).

Nutritional Value per Recommended Daily Dose

Per 0,15 ml Per 2 ml Per 3,9 ml Per 10 ml Per 12 ml Per 15 ml
Energy (kcal) 1,245 16,6 32,37 83 99,6 124
Fats (g) 0,138 1,84 3,588 9,2 11,04 13,8
Saturated (mg) 21,15 282 549,9 1410 1692 2115
Monounsaturated (mg) 70,8 944 1840,8 4720 5664 7080
of which Omega-9 (mg) 49,05 654 1275,3 3270 3924 4910
Polyunsaturated (mg) 32,7 436 850,2 2180 2616 3270
of which Omega-3 (mg) 27,45 366 713,7 1830 2196 2740
of which EPA (mg) 9,75 130 253,5 650 780 980
of which DHA (mg) 11,55 154 300,3 770 924 1160
total EPA + DHA (mg) 21,3 284 553,8 1420 1704 2140
Vitamin D3 (mcg) RDI=15 mcg 0,1245 1,66 3,237 8,3 9,96 12,5

Low Totox values

Low Totox values are considered a sign of a good-quality Omega-3 oil. Totox is a calculated value of “oxidation products” in the relevant omega-3-oil values and is the sum of 2x PV + AV. The Totox value in the fish oil we use in our Pure Arctic Oil is lower, and thus better than the lowest value measured in “TV2 hjelper deg”, a Norwegian consumer guide program, when testing Norwegian omega-3 products in 2014. The lowest value measured in the program was 9,3. The values in the omega-3 oil Eqology uses varies slightly depending on the batch but is somewhere between 4 and 6.

Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are highly important in ensuring that all the body’s functions, including the brain, muscles, circulatory and respiratory systems and skin work as they should. Fatty acids are divided into omega-3, -6 and -9. Omega-3 and -6 are essential fatty acids, which means that we are not able to produce them on our own, but have to get them through our diet or as a supplement. These fatty acids are necessary for the development of the brain, the function of the immune system and the regulation of blood pressure, and it is highly important to get them daily to ensure optimal development.

A Changing Diet

Before the industrial revolution the Western diet had about as much omega-3 as omega-6. The last 40 – 50 years have, however, seen big changes in what we eat. Today we consume a lot of processed foods and vegetable oils from i.a. soy, sunflower and corn, which have up to 80% omega-6 and little or no omega-3. There is also a notable amount of omega-6 in feed given to the animals that are the source of the animal products we consume – the same can be true for feed given to farmed fish.


An imbalance with a large majority of omega-6 fatty acids can be a big problem to your health. Unfortunately this is the case for most of us, without us even knowing it. Today the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the typical Western diet is between 10:1 and 20:1. This means that we are getting up to 20 times more omega-6 than we are omega-3. The recommended ratio is under 5:1. During the last decade it has become general knowledge that long-lasting inflammations are a driving factor in several chronic diseases, i.a. cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity. A ratio higher than 5:1 increases the length and severity of inflammatory reactions. Balanced omega-6 and omega-3 could be one of the keys to better health and to reducing chronic illnesses.


We also added omega-9 fatty acids and high levels of polyphenol antioxidants from a unique cold-pressed, high-quality olive oil that has been awarded the NYIOOC GOLD AWARD. Omega-9 contributes to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and to balancing blood sugar levels. The solution to preventing inflammatory responses and cardiovascular disease is to increase the intake of high-quality omega-3 and omega-9, instead of merely reducing the intake of omega-6.

Omega-3 Test

With the help of a simple self-administered device, you will quickly get an answer to your omega-6 and omega-3 ratio and omega-3 index. The blood sample on the filter paper is extracted and analysed according to international standards for omega fatty acid testing by Vitas AS Laboratory in Oslo, Norway. Your results can be securely accessed on omegaratiotest.com/en after 25 – 30 business days.

Money-Back Guarantee

When ordering Pure Arctic Oil with Tests, you can ask for your money refunded if your ratio is better than 3:1 after your first Omega-3 Test. To claim this guarantee, return the unopened bottle and the one you have opened and started using – and we will then cancel your 6-month subscription/pre-paid and refund the amount. Valid for 30 days.

Please note: The Money-Back Guarantee is intended for for customers who are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

If your omega-6/-3 ratio is higher than 5:1 after 6 months of regular  Pure Arctic Oil consumption, you can apply for a full product price refund excluding delivery costs. Each case is considered individually and verified by our product specialist. Should you have further questions, please contact our Customer Support Team. Valid for 7 days after you get your 2nd tests’ results.

Good to Know

  • Owns the prestigious Superior Taste Award 2023 with a high score of 2 golden stars, which refers to Remarkable Product;
  • Tested for banned substances and approved by Cologne List® as a doping-free product based on natural, high-efficiency ingredients;
  • MSC certified, which confirms the highest quality of our omega-3 oil. Sourced and processed to the highest standards of sustainability;
  • Possesses Halal Certification Europe, which ensures the quality of products under the rules established by the Islamic Council;
  • Dietary supplements do not substitute a healthy and varied diet;
  • Produced in accordance with GMP standards.

Marine Collagen Premium+

Ingredient in the premix blend Amount
MSC hydrolyzed Marine Collagen 4,5 g
Vitamin C 0,34 g
L-arginine 0,25 g
Glycine 0,25 g
Methyl-sulfonyl-methane 0,25 g
Maltodextrin 0,16 g
Zinc 0,0014 g
Copper 0,0002 g
Manganese 0,0003 g

Vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal physiological functions, energy-yielding metabolism, and a normal immune system.


L-arginine is well known for its anti-aging effects and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Glycine is the main amino acid in collagen. It can help your body produce antioxidants, improve your sleep quality, protect your heart, and protect against muscle loss.


OptiMSM helps reduce signs of aging, improves skin firmness, elasticity and hydration, it is also important for hair and nails.


Maltodextrin ensures that the Marine Collagen Premium+ dissolves easily.


Zinc is a mineral that can boost the immune system, manage blood sugar, clear up acne, support childhood growth and promote a healthy heart and blood vessels.


Copper enables the body to form red blood cells. It helps maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves and immune function.


Manganese supports the body’s normal bone tissue and normal energy-yielding metabolism.

MSC Certification

MSC-certified fisheries ensure that fish are harvested to a level that allows the fish population and ecosystems they depend on to remain healthy and productive in the future by receiving and processing them to the highest sustainability standards.

Natural Lemon Flavour (E330)

Steviol glycosides (E960)


Pure Arctic Oil Lemon

Recommended Dosage

Recommended daily dose is 0,15 ml per 1 kg of body weight. 1 ml contains a total of 142 mg DHA and EPA. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. We recommend a double dose the first month.


Please consult your doctor if you are on anticoagulants, pregnant or giving the product to a child under 1 year of age.


Unopened bottles should be stored in a dark, dry and cool place or in the refrigerator. Opened bottles should be refrigerated and used within 90 days. When storing below 4ºC the product might become opaque due to the olive oil. After a few minutes in room temperature it will again become clear. Store out of the reach of children.

Marine Collagen Premium+

Recommended daily dosage

One daily serving of 6 grams (2 scoops).

Easy to blend

Add recommended serving to your liquid of choice. The product has a subtle flavour of lemon, which gives it a fresh after taste.


This product contains protein from fish.

This product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Stora dry at 15 – 25°C and keep out of reach from small children.


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